NABARD Grade A Syllabus & Exam Pattern-Chek Out Now

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NATIONAL BANK FOR AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT which in short referred to as NABARD invited applications from Indian citizens for the posts of Assistant Manager (Protocol & Security Service) in Grade ‘A’, Manager in Grade ‘B’ (RDBS), and Assistant Manager in Grade ‘A’  (RDBS / Rajbhasha Service) from 17 July 2021 and 07 August 2021. The exams for the above said posts are expected to be scheduled by the end of August or the Start of September. NABARD has now officially announced the syllabus for the exams to be conducted in the year 2021. For more details regarding the exam pattern, visit – (Add the link of the admit card post once it’s done posting.) Details regarding the NABARD Grade ‘A’ syllabus and exam pattern are given below.

NABARD Grade A SyllabusMain Exam Pattern For Various Grade ‘A’ Posts:

Name of the Post 

Paper 1

Paper 2

Generalist General English Economic and Social Issues
Specialist General English Stream Specific Paper
Rajbhasha General English Stream Specific Paper


NABARD Syllabus for Various Grade ‘A’ posts:

For the post of Grade ‘A’ (P & SS):

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Protocol and Security Service, there is only an interview and no other exam is conducted.

For the Post of Grade ‘A’ (RDBS/Rajbhasha):

NABARD Grade A Preliminary Exam Syllabus:

For the preliminary exam questions will be asked from the basics of the following topics.

        • Test of Reasoning,
        • English Language,
        • Computer Knowledge,
        • Quantitative Aptitude,
        • Decision Making,
        • General Awareness,
        • Eco & Soc. Issues (with focus on Rural India),
        • Agriculture & Rural Development with Emphasis on Rural India.

NABARD Grade A Main Exam Syllabus:

Paper 1:

Paper 1 is English and the syllabus of English is common to all. The Syllabus included the following topics.

      • Essay,
      • Précis writing,
      • Comprehension and Business/Office Correspondence,
      • Questions to assess the writing skills including expressions and understanding the topic.

Paper 2:

Paper 2 includes the subjects that are stream specific. Kindly consider only those subjects that come for the posts you have applied for.

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager General: 

Economic & Social Issues:

  • Nature of Indian Economy.
  • Inflation.
  • Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India.
  • Population Trends.
  • Agriculture.
  • Industry.
  • Rural banking and financial institutions in India
  • Globalisation of Economy.
  • Social Structure in India.
  • Education.
  • Social Justice.
  • Positive Discrimination in favor of the underprivileged.

Agriculture & Rural Development:

  • Agriculture
  • Agronomy.
  • Cropping Systems.
  • Meteorology.
  • organic farming.
  • Soil and Water Conservation.
  • Irrigation Management.
  • Farm and Agri Engineering.
  • Plantation & Horticulture.
  • Animal Husbandry.
  • Fisheries.
  • Forestry.
  • Agriculture Extensions.
  • Ecology and Climate Change.
  • Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities.

Rural Development:

  • Concept of Rural Area
  • Structure of the Indian Rural Economy
  • Rural population in India
  • Trends of change in rural population and rural workforce
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions
  • Swachh Bharat, Rural Housing, PURA and other rural development programmes.

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager Agriculture: 

  • Ecology.
  • Cropping patterns in different agro-climatic zones of the country.
  • Important features and scope of various types of forestry plantations.
  • Weeds
  • Soil conservation
  • Farm management
  • Agricultural extension
  • Cell structure
  • History of plant breeding.
  • Seed production and processing technologies
  • Principles of Plant Physiology
  • Enzymes and plant pigments.
  • Major fruits, plantation crops, vegetables, spices and flower crops.
  • Diagnosis of pests and diseases of field crops, vegetables, orchard and plantation crops and their
    economic importance.
  • Food production and consumption trends in India.

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager Agriculture Engineering: 

  • Engineering in agriculture and rural life.
  • Hydrological Process.
  • Design work estimation and equipment for land development
  • Agricultural mechanization.
  • Thermodynamic principles.
  • Agricultural produce management.
  • Principles of refrigeration and air – conditioning, storage engineering…

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: 

  • Forage Production
  • Animal Genetics and Breeding
  • Physiology of Reproduction and Lactation
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Health
  • Poultry Production
  • Other Species of Livestock (Sheep, Goat, Pig and Rabbit)
  • Meat and Meat Products

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager Fisheries : 

  • Fisheries resources
  • management and exploitation
  • Aquaculture
  • post-harvest technology.
  • Importance of fisheries in India.
  • Common terms pertaining to fish production.

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager Forestry : 

  • Forestry
  • Forest environments and environmental factors
  • Regeneration of forest
  • Environment factor influencing forest vegetation and productivity
  • Silviculture
  • Silviculture Systems
  • Principal groups of plants
  • Importance of energy plantation
  • Seed orchards
  • Microflora in forestry system
  • Social and agro-forestry
  • Wood structure
  • Importance of wood and minor forest products
  • Conversion, extraction and transportation of timbers and firewood
  • Importance of forest pathology
  • Importance of forest
  • Economics of forest management
  • Forest evaluation and economic appraisal
  • Forest trees of industrial utility
  • Defects and abnormalities of wood
  • Natural durability of timber, bamboo, and thatch grasses.

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager HORTICULTURE / PLANTATION : 

  • Fruit & Plantation Crop
  • Fruit and Vegetable Technology
  • Vegetables
  • Floriculture and landscape gardening

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager LAND DEVELOPMENT – SOIL SCIENCE : 

  • Land use and land capability classification
  • Soil and water conservation theory
  • Water management in crop production and irrigation agronomy
  • Drainage of agricultural lands.
  • Soil fertility management
  • Crop husbandry i
  • Dryland farming / rainfed agriculture/watershed development
  • Biotechnologies in field crops.
  • Wastewater treatment
  •  Principles of agronomic trials / experimental designs and data interpretations.

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager WATER RESOURCES : 

  • Water Requirement of Crops
  • Canal Irrigation System
  • Hydrology
  • Ground Water, Hydrology and Construction of Wells and Tubewells
  • Diversion Head Works
  • Canal Falls, Canal Regulators
  • Cross Drainage Works
  • Dams and Reservoirs
  • Spillage, Gates and Energy Dissipators
  • River Control
  • Sanitation

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager FINANCE : 

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Auditing
  • BBA (Banking & Finance)
  • BMS ( Finance & Banking )

For the post of Grade ‘A’ Assistant Manager COMPUTER – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: 

  • Introduction to Software
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Data Structure, File structure and programming through ‘C’, ‘C++’, ‘Java’ and ‘Python’
  • Elements of Systems Analysis and Design
  • Numerical and Statistical Computing
  • Data Communication and Networks
  • Computer Architecture and Network Architecture
  • Object Oriented Systems
  • Database Management Systems including RDBMS
  • Software Engineering
  • Operating Systems
  • Management Information Systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Computing
  • Design and analysis of Algorithms
  • Basic of AI, ML and natural language processing
  • Cyber Security
  • Big data Analytics
  • Data Modelling and Analytics
  • Concept of data visualisation using reporting tools
  • Data warehousing with Analytical capabilities and virtual data management
  • API usage for cross user interaction and data exchange

Kindly note that the syllabus given above is extracted from the detailed syllabus. For a more detailed syllabus, visit the official website of NABARD, or click here –


When will the main examination for NABARD be conducted ?

The exact date of the main examination is yet to be notified. Visit the official website for more details and recent updates.

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